2022 presidential election in Slovenia
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ComMon project
A platform for monitoring social status and development

As part of the ComMon project, we will upgrade the work of preparing media reviews. To this end, we will create an innovative high-tech platform for monitoring the social situation and development, which will serve as an automated platform for data collection and analysis.

The platform will enable the monitoring and understanding of society and its needs and challenges, by capturing and analyzing data that are available as a digital footprint of events in society through various digital sources.

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Business Analysis And Optimization
AOP PC / 2019 processes

The purpose of the operation is to increase the efficiency of operations and consequently the competitiveness of the company by co-financing eligible costs by optimizing business processes.

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MAM rBIA project
An online business intelligence solution

As a consortium partner within the MAM rBIA project, we are developing an innovative high-tech solution to improve business intelligence. An intuitive web application with new indexes to assess market conditions and a database will automatically collect relevant data from unconventional sources. The online tool will simplify the work of analyzing the current situation in global markets.

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JR Pilots 2020 project
Public tender for co-financing pilot projects for the development and introduction of innovative solutions to maintain the commitment, productivity and efficiency of older employees

We were selected in a public tender of the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability and Maintenance Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, where we will introduce and develop innovative solutions in the field of jobs adapted to older employees and work environments with other partnerships of Slovenian companies and organizations. absences of employees due to sick leave and encourage the extension of working life.

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We are members of several international
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Some of our satisfied customers

Slide Background
Aleš Novak
artistic director of the festival Borštnikovo srečanje

As the Borštnik Meeting Festival is the largest Slovenian theater festival, media coverage and coverage of the festival are very good. The clipping prepared for us by Press Clipping includes publications from print and online media, as well as short notices of summaries of articles from electronic media. We have trusted the client for many years, we are satisfied with their reports, and the web application also helps us in statistical monitoring of publicity and preparation of the annual report.

Slide Background
Vladimir Rukavina
director of the Narodni dom Maribor

It was no coincidence that Narodni dom Maribor chose Press Clipping from the media monitoring service provider for the Lent Festival. Numerous satisfied customers, long-term presence in the Slovenian media space and a wealth of experience with the most modern techniques of monitoring a very extensive Slovenian media space, extraordinary flexibility and personal approach and listening to partnership, were decisive factors in deciding whom Narodni dom Maribor will entrust monitoring. selected topics in the Slovenian environment.

Slide Background
Rajko Dolinšek
director of Informa Echo d.o.o.

Press Clipping supports the socially responsible project for the development of the Efficient Energy Management Ecosystem - EURE - by following the announcements free of charge. Through many years of cooperation on other projects, they have also proven that they know how to listen to the needs of the client and offer professionally based solutions. Press Clipping are nice, heartfelt people who are really nice to work with.

Slide Background
Jana Jovanovska
External Relations Manager Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o.

We have been cooperating with the company Press Clipping, which we have chosen from various similar providers in the tender, for many years.

Slide Background
dr. Marko Soršak, župan
Municipality of Hoče - Slivnica

The Municipality of Hoče-Slivnica has been cooperating with the company Press Clipping since June 2017. Prior to that, the employees themselves searched for daily information about our municipality from print and electronic media, cut it out, copied or scanned it and saved it to monks.
By cooperating with Press Clipping, monitoring media is, of course, easier and more transparent for us users. Their techniques of monitoring information in the media are distinguished by accuracy and comprehensiveness, but at the same time they are affordable and always ready to listen to our wishes.
We look forward to continuing to work with them!

Slide Background
mag. Aleksander Salkič
head of strategic-corporate communication at Petrol

Our many years of cooperation are a reflection of their responsiveness, reliability and efficiency of employees, their extensive range of services and continuous development and innovation. So our morning is reading the morning Press Clipping and after the morning the day is known.

Slide Background
David Razboršek
Director of the Vozim Institute

We have been actively cooperating with the company Press Clipping since the establishment of the Vozim institute in 2010. We have excellent cooperation with the company, as it performs its activities professionally, on time and with high quality and in accordance with all accepted agreements. We are happy to have as a strategic partner such a quality provider of clipping services that we would not otherwise be able to meet on our own.

Slide Background
Tatjana Jazbec
public relations in the Port of Koper

Press Clipping offers us a quality and user-friendly service. This is especially evident in the introduction of on-line display of media announcements on our website, as we have obtained a very useful product based on their solution, which allows all employees easy and quick access to information.

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