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Our mission is to provide key information to our clients in a timely manner 24/7.
Our analyzes give you solutions for
new ideas, new visions and new steps
We analyze information using our world-renowned methodology, which is in line with international standards. We do not change methodologies, so the analyzes are credible over time.
We support victories, we support charity

In 2020, we received the award for social responsibility

More than 25 years of operation, experience and innovation

  • We are leading experts in clipping and analysis of media publications. Every day, our clients confirm the efficiency, satisfaction and quality of our services.

  • We deliver information on selected keywords in a fast, efficient and accessible way, which we track on all media platforms. We follow both classic forms of media reporting such as radio and television, as well as numerous Internet portals, blogs, forums and, of course, social networks.

  • Behind every one of our services that we develop and offer stands the knowledge of the people. All our products are developed from our own experience and the knowledge of our experts. This allows us to form a winning team together.

Our services excel

Easy to use
We use tools that are ours
 developed by custom developers.
Personal custody
Every caregiver adds to their client
 personal note and special attention.
We listen to your wishes and be
 we adjust.
Archive of publications
We are members of several international societies
 and organizations.
We offer services provided by the client
 understands, needs and is quickly accessible.
International network
We are members of several international
 societies and organizations.

Be informed about your media appearance

Get regular access to your mentions in the news, press, online, social media, blogs, shows, and more.

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Za testiranje naših storitev nam posredujte do tri ključne besede, ki jih želite spremljati v medijih (npr. ime podjetja, dejavnost, ipd.). Na osnovi ključnih besed vam za izbrano obdobje pripravimo kliping in vam pošljemo poročilo na vaš izbran e-naslov.