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We are guided by quality, responsiveness and accuracy. State-of-the-art programs, creative solutions and teamwork allow us to always be among the first.

The personal approach and listening to the wishes of our clients are the reasons why we have become much more than business partners with many of them.

Our products help individual companies grow or help them achieve their goals at all levels.

We follow trends and innovations in the field of information and communication and try to understand the global and specific needs of companies and individuals.

Global customer support

Customer service is not just a department, but a philosophy of the whole company

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Tatjana Novak


Erna Klemenčič

Reception office

Mihela Dušej

Clipping leader

Mateja Črešnar

Sales and marketing

Since 1994 in the information service

We started as a small team with scissors and glue, constantly investing, learning and creating in collaboration with our clients. Our ideas in clipping come from development, experience and knowledge that are aligned and upgraded with new technology.

Despite the constant introduction of technological innovations and following market trends, people have always remained in the first place.

You can get to know us through time by clicking on the link below.

Media Intelligence Group

Since 2007, we have been operating under the name MIG – Media Intelligence Group.

With our services we cover most of the media space in the Balkans. We are present in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Through a network of partner agencies, we monitor the media around the world for you.

Membership in international

Since 1994, we have been members of the international organization FIBEP - the world association of clipping agencies. We attend the World Media Intelligence Congress every year, and in 2005 we also organized it.

We became members of the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communications AMEC in 2006.

Partnerships in
international events

We are a business and media partner of the PRO PR conference and a partner of the FOCUS conference.

Be informed about your media appearance

Get regular access to your mentions in the news, press, online, social media, blogs, shows, and more.

The DIGITAL MARKETING VOUCHER investment (website creation) is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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