Are you worried about your public image? You need clipping ...

Clipping is the basis for successful:

Monitoring brand reputation

Monitoring and identification of competition

Measuring the results of marketing and PR campaigns

Limiting crisis events

Identifying the target audience

Identifying influencers

Simple, transparent, personal

Clipping is the process of monitoring media announcements , which takes place through selected keywords , in order to find information from a specific area of interest to the client.

The information we provide to you in the form of pre-arranged forward reports has market, business or scientific value.

We provide you with reports via the selected communication channel (e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, WeTransfer and others), and they are also available via the web and mobile applications.

To make it easier to manage and optimize your clipping, we also assign you a personal administrator .

Echo of the event

As part of the service, we monitor media announcements regarding the event of the client's choice.

This provides realistic data on the impact of the event, which is useful in determining the public response to the event and in measuring the success of PR and marketing campaigns, etc.

The service can be extended with
event response analysis.

Real-time notification

AlarmClip is a solution with which you can immediately find out important publications in the electronic media.

It is therefore indispensable in the face of important business decisions or in the midst of crisis communication.

Notification in the form of a short summary
of the content takes place immediately after the publication
via SMS or e-mail.

Web and mobile application

The eClip web application offers you to browse the archive of posts you have received in the past in the form of reports on the monitoring of your selected keywords.

You can view, prepare reports and analyzes your posts here. We have also developed the eClip LIVE mobile application for you.

You have the key information that way
always at your fingertips.

... in Analysis!

Media content analysis is useful:

When deciding on business processes

To better respond to crisis situations

In measuring the results of marketing and PR campaigns

In measuring the visibility of brands and services

To monitor competition and business partners

Accuracy, professionalism, traceability

Analyzes are performed according to the principles of good practice.

We adhere to the professionalism, accuracy and traceability of procedures.

Evaluation is always carried out on the basis of objective assumptions.

Our analysis models are developed in collaboration with experts and in accordance with the needs of management and communication at all levels of business.

Do you know your advertising value?

Simple, affordable analyzes are the basis for monitoring media appearances.

With a simple methodology and focus on quantitative elements, we show your presence in the media with a basic map of research variables.

How often do your ads or logos appear?

Analysis of the appearance of sponsor logos or brand advertisements in media announcements, TV broadcasts or other special broadcasts in which logos, advertisements and other messages related to trademarks appear.

Want more?

In addition to quantitative elements, complex analyzes contain additional qualitative variables and a content package of research variables.

Our services to achieve your goals

Support services to help with effective PR communication

Business intelligence services offer opportunities to design business strategies

Optimization of the speed of business processes with business digitization services and archives

Development of information solutions for task automation and facilitation of data work

We regularly upgrade our services and create new products. We design them through our clipping and analysis, from the needs of the market and in cooperation with our clients. This enables us to be not only the first choice of subscribers for monitoring media publications in Slovenia, but also for many other services.

Our leading position in the market stems from the constant presentation of new innovative products that give management and PR professionals opportunities to progress and facilitate their daily challenges.

Clip Forensics

New platforms are designed by new technologies. We are certain that every company, lead person, brand, event and individual is aware of new opportunities different social and digital platforms bring.

Press Clipping now presents Clip Forensics – a service developed over years that enables you to prepare yourself for strategic decisions and prevent possible negative surprises from occurring. Our company can research the accuracy of data, and the history of ownership and management. We look into subject’s financial transactions, political and business connections, their tendency to corruption, and conduct a check-in of your future employees.


HRM Forensics

A research based on check-ins of private individuals on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn). It provides access to photo and video information, as well as interests, and opinions of a private individual.

ELITE Forensics

The most prevalent research that provides information about subject’s presence in the media, and delivers reports regarding subject’s taxes and finances based on a legal, commercial or operative overview. We assess the risk and the accuracy of information.

FIELD forensics

We focus mostly on the accuracy of information, extracted by our field specialised assistants.

Investor forensics

Forensic report of financial assessment and risk assessment.

Movement forensics

Field work or a detective.


One word can change the path of a company, its vision.

We were the first in Slovenia to launch a service that enables the documentation of company assembly records, confidential meetings and colleges.

In doing so, Press Clipping is committed to a secure way of providing the service, which prevents non-professionals from accessing documented data.

Digital archive

A new business standard that ensures the survival of key documents in the form of a digital archive.

We harmonized our work in these processes with the standards of the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

We are the leading provider of digitization, our added value in this service is the digital archive of clipping.

Communication office

In our communication office, we will connect you with agencies and individuals who can design or develop communication strategies for you.

Based on the documents, if you do not already have them, we will advise you on the implementation of the most effective communication for your target audience.

Every day, the leading PR agencies in Slovenia order our clipping and our analyzes.

In this way, we in our communication office will also add value in creating your short-term and long-term goals.

Content preparation

We will not change your content, as they are the key to your communication messages. As we look at the content outside the usual framework of the reader and the editor, we will upgrade and redesign it accordingly, as well as translate it if necessary.

Communication consulting

If you already have your own public relations consultant or agency, but want another expert opinion, we can advise you. Our external experts from various industries are at your disposal regardless of your activity or your field of interest. Consulting can be done remotely, in crisis situations during the development of a new product, etc. Trust us, just like many Slovenian and foreign clients.

Communication education

Based on many years of experience in working with the media, we provide you with the latest theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of successful and efficient communication or connect you with renowned experts in the field of communication.


If you run out of media headlines, trust our media list. Your press release or information can be in just 30 minutes throughout Slovenia, within the agreed time. We can also distribute your press releases in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and beyond. Because we plan ahead, you can count on us in both good and bad times. If you do not have a list of media, you can also order it from us.


This is our first product, which is the standard for anyone who wants to communicate with the media.

We are aware that new digital media platforms appear on the market every year, as well as that the media picture is changing.

Our team is constantly in touch with change and is ready to make a media address from various fields, which can include, for example, the field of horticulture, interiors, nautical, health, motoring and much more.

Social media marketing

The use of social media as an effective sales and information tool has become the standard in the marketing of brands, events and products.

We offer effective solutions to all those who want to be effective in the form of content planning and management, production and advertising plans on individual social networks.

Managing digital campaigns is a process that requires continuous two-way communication, competitiveness analysis, and flexibility.

Our solutions therefore provide flexibility regardless of the duration of your digital campaign or the complexity of the target audience.

Be informed about your media appearance

Get regular access to your mentions in the news, press, online, social media, blogs, shows, and more.

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