We offer a  free display of the frequency of publications and announcements on Twitter during the elections:

  • Parliamentary elections (24th of April 2022),
  • Presidential elections (November/December 2022),
  • Local elections (November/December 2022).
Display of the election result (from 1.1.2022 to 24.4.2022 until 19.00)


Entertaining web-based tools have become the most effective source of fast news that reach a wide circle of people. It is essential to be aware these news are designed to create a filter bubble for each individual. Various publishing and broadcasts outside this bubble pose as informational noise. The Social Metrix tool bursts this bubble and turns this noise into important information that is later converted into statistics.

How does Social Media work?

The popularity of social media is not coincidental. Reputation and extensive use are a consequence of adapted algorithms that show fixed content to each individual. This content is part of a circle of information that aligns with individual’s beliefs. Algorithms follow our browsing activity and remember our preferences, which makes us the creators of the information presented to us. Danger only occurs with information flooding since it is extremely hard to distinguish real news from fake ones and bubbles do not offer alternative sources of information. Social media we see is not the same as the social media others see. To solve this, the Social Metrix bursts the bubble and delivers information from outside. By including a broader spectrum of data in real time, this tool enables a complete overview of the social media outside the information bubbles.

Can we spot even immediately deleted tweets?
Find out for yourself.

What is an information/filter bubble?

An information bubble (also known as the filter bubble) refers to an isolated use of the internet and social media. It is a result of personalised searches when a website algorithm selectively guesses what content a user is interested in. Most users may not even realise they are in a filter bubble and thereby the algorithms grow on influence and control over their activities. As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles, which are slowly becoming smaller.

Why do we need to step out of our bubble?

Social media we see is not the same as the social media others see. Daily consumption of pieces of information around us helps build a bubble that only lets in posts that interest us and support our beliefs. We must be aware that this information is not necessarily provable, reliable or credible. The feeling of comfort hinders our rational point of view and often makes us lose our way. We must learn that primary goals of algorithms are nothing more than the number of views and clicks and they would do anything for an individual to visit a certain website.

Where does the idea of the Social Metrix come from?

Press Clipping is all about new concepts and ideas that mirror the needs of the market and the technology we invest in. The Social Metrix platform is a result of our constant tendency for improvement and keeping up with current trends. The key principle we established is to improve, adapt, change and upgrade every day.

We are aware social media has become the main source of information for a wide circle of people. At the same time, posts often camouflage informational noise as real information in all spheres – from leisure to economy and politics. Communication is extremely specific. People are often trapped in their own filter bubbles due to the way social media works. At Press Clipping, we analyse the influence of social media and extract important data and information. With Social Metrix we provide a deeper and broader insight into the activities of companies, organisations and individuals, and obtain data from the noise of social media.


What’s in it for the people, general public and the press?


The Social Metrix platform follows the social media, which in practice means, there is no one-way communication on Twitter, but more networking and reacting between users. Due to its political role, Twitter is the most highly considered opinion maker. General public, researchers, agencies and journalists all obtain information from this social platform. The Social Metrix would in this scenario provide the first choice of information, since the data is collected in real time. Quick numbers and simple overviews are the concepts new generations chase after. Following and analysing Twitter gives you just that: a detailed overview of the communicational ecosystem and of the individual, outside of the bubble and network it belongs to, during interaction with other networks. We are able to identify real and fake profiles, find out the relations between them, and even discover whom they belong to. With deleted tweets and many other information ordinary users have no access to included. Social Metrix is the only platform that currently offers analytic services in real time.

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